Yes, it's Chaos!

Everything scattered in emails, files, task managers, spreadsheets, chats, etc.

Add today's customer list

  1. DonCon Tech. -> Denny Hamill -> 987778876 ->
  2. Wayne Industries -> Margaret Smith -> 8146674245 ->
  3. Scottech Corp. -> Edmond Halley ->

Call toughzap immediately. They have an urgent requirement.



Send email to team with new contacts

Call priority 12 and update status


Check emails for last talk with codehow and give a follow up call.

Add new customers from Debbie and Pam's list from today.

  • Update address area for labdill
  • Double check for duplicate entries
  • Send all customer details file to the new guy

Do it, Simply.

Everything about your customer, organised at one place. It feels different, try it.

Last Talk

Latest customer communication

Find by Date

Get to a customer by a date range

Smart Filters

Search by customer stages

Active Sales

Know which customer has an active sale

Single Customer

Everything organised at one place

Customer Status

Auto-positioned based on importance

Team Members

Everyone working on this customer

Prioritising opportunities,
made simpler.

Tracking becomes easier on Timeboard – sales leaders use #watchwords to update the state of the customer according to priority status (hot, warm, cold) or which stage the customer is in (connection, lead, opportunity, existing). Upon login, it presents them with information positioned by priority status, so that they deal with the hottest customer first. Thus, making their work efficient from the start.

Defining access to your team,
made simpler.

Usually sales executives are flooded with all customers at once. By design, Timeboard removes the information overload by providing access to only their respective customers. A very focused approach, increases their clarity of thought and maintains accountability.

Go ahead and see how it works for your business

Using the tools available, you can structure customer information, collaborate with team members, prioritize opportunities, create to-do lists and upload documents, from anywhere.

A simple & economically viable solution to manage your customers

We researched over a hundred-existing software, their abilities to help businesses grow, and how much they can cost you. They are usually difficult to implement, and can burn a hole in your pocket if used incorrectly.

Simplifies Work

With a simple and seamless design, a smooth working experience for your sales team.

Software Ecosystem

An ecosystem of software that is designed to help you streamline the processes.

Better Process Structure

The simpler the processes, more efficient your team - contributing largely to your business.

How does it work for me?

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