Organize your Customers, Better.

Know where your customer stands, know who's working on which customer, prioritize who's important, keep everything at one place and do this from anywhere.

Remote Interaction,
made simpler.

Add or update your customer information from anywhere at anytime.

Just follow easy steps instead of spending hours on learning tutorials.

Focus more on work that you are good at, out and about selling.

Plus, get the benefit of recording information right from the first customer interaction.

With all the details at one place, allow your team to communicate remotely.

Structuring customer information,
made simpler.

It's hard to organize and structure customer information for better use. The information is scattered when it's collected on a notepad, a digital device or an excel sheet. Get everyone to record the customer's information & interaction in one place on Timeboard. And then, know where your customer stands by reviewing the engagement history of a customer.

Managing customer’s data,
made simpler.

Manually managing customer information is difficult, time consuming, inconsistent and is prone to error. Avoid the stress by using Timeboard Customers - manage customer data accurately and get the information you need to make decisions, quickly.

Collaborating with your team,
made simpler.

Sales colleagues are usually busy and may not be able to connect with each other immediately for an update or discussion. They can enter and direct their updates using @mentions on Timeboard. It ensures that all the team members working on a customer are aware of the engagement, enabling them to take the next best action.

Searching for customer's data,
made simpler.

The easy search option enables your sales leader to obtain a customer's details. Search them with generic filters like name, email, phone, etc. Or, use any information of your interaction with them to help you search the customer's main details.

Caring for your customers,
made simpler.

Timeboard Talks

Customers hate it when you do not know their engagement history with you. The Talks tool helps you document every conversation of every customer at its own place, making it easier to assist customers on their requirements.

Timeboard Memory Lane

Another tool that helps keep track of customer interaction among colleagues is Memory Lane. This tool keeps track of all discussions that happen between colleagues regarding a customer.

Also, if a sales leader is replaced, the new sales leader can read through the conversation history and continue engaging with your customers professionally.

Only pay for the number of users you get on board.

It’s a simple per user per month pricing model. Pay as you go.
Includes every feature we offer, plus add unlimited customers, get issue-based priority support, and all new feature improvements.

Also, a fully managed infrastructure. Hassle-free.
Added benefit of high quality hosting, the software speed and its security. No need to build and maintain your own software and infrastructure. Just register and get started!

It works in your industry, for your business and your business size.

Get a live demo to see how it works for you, and get started.